My order for a renewal license is not working


I purchased a license renewal couple days ago. I can see that the order went through fine but the information on my license page still says my license is expired and using the re-check option on my control panel still says the same thing.

How should I proceed?

Thanks a lot andre



Howdy -- sorry for the delay!

It looks like you purchased a Virtualmin 10 renewal, though you currently have a Virtualmin 50.

Are you interested in downgrading your license from a 50 to a 10?

If so, I can change your license, and then apply your renewal.

Thanks for the speedy reply. Yes, I am downgrading my license for now since I don't have more than 10 domains at the moment. If there is a future need to more domains I will upgrade again :-)

Okay, I've applied your license extension -- thanks for renewing!