Webmin refuses to update

I am attempting to install the updates and have tried from two different workstations. Nothing happens. All I get in the browser is: connecting. My network is fine because I have checked the connections and routing. Thanks Andrew

Closed (fixed)


Have you tried upgrading from the command line, with a command like yum install webmin ?

No. Why would I do: yum install webmin on a configured system? Not really into playing around with my configured server.

The yum command Jamie mentioned is a normal way to update a package on a server.

That's how Webmin performs updates as well, by running the yum command.

Can you share a screenshot of the screen where you see it prompting you to update Webmin and/or other packages? Seeing that may help is identify what's wrong.

Yes, I know what yum does. I went out, bought a new filing cabinet, came home and tried again. This time it updated. Back to my paperwork and tax return. Andrew

Sounds like there may have been a temporary network issue.

I'm glad to hear it's working now!

I hope you enjoy your new filing cabinet :-)

Have a good evening!