Firewall rules editing - improvement

Linux Firewall editing in Webmin is pretty basic. Will you plan adding more complex functions like matching modules? If you don't could you please recommend a GUI for working with netfilter modules? Is it CFS module in Webmin great for that?

Thank you.



There are actually several firewall modules in Webmin, depending on which OS and firewall type you are configuring. Which are you using in your case?

Ok - so are you using the Linux Firewall module, or the FirewallD module?

It is the default Linux Firewall module, that's why I asked if there is a more complex replacement for it. I never used FirewallD before, I know about it, an option for Fedore. Debian has a package in Jessie. In Webmin there is an un-used module called like that. Do you have a recommendations for working with netfilter modules, all of them? Sometimes I forget all the options to a module.

By the way is it OK some un-used modules in Webmin having no option for installation? Fail2Ban has option for installation, but FirewallD says it didn't found the packing installed, check configuration.

Thanks for all your interest in Webmin and Virtualmin!

You're welcome to use this Support area for reporting bugs, but if you have general questions and are using Virtualmin GPL, you'd want to use the Forums to ask those general questions.

We'd be happy to talk about Fail2ban and getting that installed and working, but the Forums would be the best place to do that. Thanks!

My issue was not related to Fail2Ban, I just asked to Jamie's question hoping I will get more infos. Fail2Ban was coming because we talked about un-used modules.

So there are many iptables features which Webmin doesn't support yet because the UI would become too complex. Which specific features are you looking for?

selecting modules and their options when creating a rule.

Module selection would be possible - but which options are you interested in specifically?