DHCP Server - Centos 7 - DHCP will not start in Webmin

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#1 Sun, 10/04/2015 - 13:46

DHCP Server - Centos 7 - DHCP will not start in Webmin

Background. I'm running a OpenSuse 12.3 server using Webmin / Virtualmin. This configuration uses eth0 - outside protected by Shorewall and two internal networks supported by DHCP. (Also running email and web server on this machine. Works perfectly and has for a few years.

Today. Would like to upgrade server to Centos 7 (better life cycle). (using a backup machine with same configuration) Loaded basic Centos 7 system (immediately removed Selinux), +Webmin + PPP / RP-PPP + DHCP sever + Shorewall. Then used the Virtualmin script to load and configure the rest of the system. (Everything seemed to work OK with no errors reported.)

Swapped the (now) very strange adapter naming back to eth0 thru eth2 (shorewall doesn't like the new names, but then again, who does :) )

Using Webmin configured network (same ip's), configured Shorewall and configured DHCP server. (configured RP-PPP using script)

I then swap server to test, before loading websites and getting email working. PPPOE is talking correctly through eth0 to the outside world. Everything is working.

eth0 - outside world : eth1 - (main network - 5 computers / devices connected) : eth2 - voip phone (tested and working). Tested Shorewall using Shields Up.

I can not get the dhcp server to start. In Webmin the "Start" never changes to "Stop Server". It does however push out one ip address to the voip Phone (and the phone does work) but refuses to push out any ip's to eth1.

When I reboot my normal workstation machine, no IP address is handed out via DHCP. (this is configured to use a fixed address of

Has anyone else seen something similar, or offer advice as to what I should be looking at. Totally stuck.

Many Thanks - Nigel Aves.