Failure to connect

Just wondering what all this means in the log of a particular domain? - - [24/Sep/2015:22:45:04 +1000] "HEAD / HTTP/1.0" 301 264 "-" "Webmin" - - [24/Sep/2015:22:50:08 +1000] "HEAD / HTTP/1.0" 301 264 "-" "Webmin" - - [24/Sep/2015:22:55:05 +1000] "HEAD / HTTP/1.0" 301 264 "-" "Webmin" - - [24/Sep/2015:23:00:04 +1000] "HEAD / HTTP/1.0" 301 264 "-" "Webmin" - - [24/Sep/2015:23:05:09 +1000] "HEAD / HTTP/1.0" 301 264 "-" "Webmin"

These appear on a regular basis through out. A customer is complaining that his site cannot be found at odd times since the move to Debian 8. Last night at 22:51 he reported it down. Seems to be at around the same time these appear. It may be innocent and completely unrelated, if it is I can reassure him.



Howdy -- those are Webmin's checks that test if the site is online. They occur once every 5 minutes, and should be harmless.

If the customers site cannot be found, that sounds like a different issue... if you'd like to look into that, let us know what error your customer is seeing during those times.

Thanks for getting back so quickly. It could simply be his end. If webmin is checking and the site was down then the log would show that wouldn't it?

You may be interested to know too that the Ubuntu server I was having trouble with is still running. I moved all the sites off it and on to the Debian machine. Because of the BIND issue on the Debian machine, I checked the Ubuntu box and it was enabled too. I tried to disable it a couple of times and it kept telling me it was already disabled when webmin showed it still enabled, so I rebooted the VM and it so as disabled after that. Then I did the 26 updates in brackets, leaving the 3 suspect updates till last. Did a reboot in between and ran the last three, rebooted and no issue. Go figure.

So I have downgraded Virtualmin to the GPL version on it and have one website running there, may do a few more and spread the eggs a bit.

Yeah, there are many reasons why they may have had problems accessing their site, including issues with their desktop provider.

Did you hear any other customers having similar connect issues at the same times?

No, no other customer complaints. And unless I'm checking at the same time I wouldn't even notice too. He sent me an email yesterday morning with the same issue, I jumped on straight away but couldn't see a problem, the site was working. Perhaps I need to find out exactly what the issue is.

All sorted. We had forgotten that his host file on his computer was modified to point to the old ip address. He was seeing the Ubuntu box without his website there. And that reminds me I'd best go in and delete the default Apache2 webpage on that box as well.