Reconfigure BIND

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#1 Sat, 09/19/2015 - 11:36

Reconfigure BIND


I want to totally reconfigure BIND, so it will assign also at old virtual servers my new address.

I'll explain better: I'm using virtualmin with success from some time now, and I have perfected my server templates, so when I add a new virtual-server everything goes automagically OK! And that's wonderful!

Now I decided to experiment with IPV6 so I created a Hurricane Electric tunnel, that is 100% working right now, So I have a ipv6 interface with my ipv6 and I gave an ipv6 to eth0.

Then I added to every domain the new shared ipv6 address and... It seems to work! Wonderful!

Now I need to serve with BIND the correct ipv6 values! But I don't really want to manually add 10 or more records on EVERY domain!

Stated that my server template works perfectly (and I think that it will), how can I TOTALLY reconfigure BIND so it will assign to every domain the correct ipv6 records?

I know that maybe this can kill my old records so I provided to make (multiple) backup of configuration...

Thank in advance everyone!