No More User Access / Authentication after Package Update From CentOS 6.6 to 6.7

OS Before : Centos 6.6 After : Operating system CentOS Linux 6.7 Usermin Version 1.670 VirtualMin version : 4.18

Usermin users are no more 'visible' in VirtualMin / Usermin web UI. for a dedicated domain.

Email and Authentication are no more working.

Users directories still there in /home/$mydomain/homes.

Seems authentication link doesn't work any more.

Still trying to resolve. I will post the answer if any.

Thanks for your feedback.



Howdy -- just to clarify, the users no longer exist when you click on "Edit Users" in Virtualmin?

Do you see the users in /etc/passwd?

Hello Andreychek,

Systems users are OK. LDAP Users were not.

It was a big issue for us. I have been working on it all the day. because it's my SMTP/IMAP server with LDAP authentication.

The issue came from LDAP package update on CentOS 6.X I found the How-To resolve it on :

LDAP Server Update backuped the file in a directory like /var/lib/ldap/backup.xxxxxxxxxxx

I resolved it by :

1/ Stopping LDAP server process : /etc/init.d/slapd stop. 2/ Backup directory /var/lib/ldap to /var/lib/ldap.20150831 3/ copy backup content /var/lib/ldap.backup.xxxxxxxxx to .. 4/ Becareful to have ldap user as owner. 5 / start LDAP Service /etc/init.d/slapd start.

It is OK for me.


I think 'Virtualmin Backup Pages should consider backuping LDAP Database also : /var/lib/ldap/...

==> Pam.d and Webmin Ldap authentification have been configured before the issue.

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Laurent VERNET / Waacot Technology

Virtualmin doesn't do anything special like backups when performing package upgrades - it's really up to the distribution package authors to ensure that an upgrade happens smoothly.

Jamie, when performing a Virtualmin backup, will it also backup users in LDAP if LDAP is in use?