Virtualmin Plugin Developper Wanted

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#1 Tue, 08/25/2015 - 20:29

Virtualmin Plugin Developper Wanted


I am looking for someone that programs me a Virtualmin plugin.

It integrates a site for logged in customers.

By clicking a button it should call an url with basic auth and send some JSON parameters (details see below, all information should be known from the virtualmin configuration)

It will get back an URL and should redirect to that URL.

Anyone interested?


Details here:

Authorisation: HTTP Basic User: Password: Method: POST Content Type: application/json Return Content Type: application/json

JSON Object Properties: String type - publishing type 'external' (required) String domain - client domain name (required) String lang - language 2 letter code (ex. en, lt, ru, ...) to open builder in (optional) String username - client ftp connection username (required if type = external) String password - client ftp connection password (required if type = external) String uploadDir - client ftp public_html directory ex.: /public_html (required if type = external) String apiUrl - IP address of client ftp server (optional, recommended, it will be used instead of domain as host for connecting to ftp server in cases when domain DNS configuration is not ready)

Return Object Properties: String url - url to redirect client to (only on success) Object error - error description object (only on error)