File Manager no displaying

I am trying to use file manager and I get the various security checks to accept for java in the browser but then nothing is displayed, just a blank screen.

Work on another webmin server I have and I have tried on IE and Firefox, just something unique to this one server. Have used it before on this server, is there a process of something I can restart as I have tried restarting the webmin service but that doesn't help.



Howdy -- that particular file manager is actually going to be going away soon, as Java is being deprecated in Chrome, and we wanted to provide a better HTML-based one anyhow.

My suggestion would be to install Filemin, which is available here:

That particular file manager will be added soon as the default file manager in Webmin.

I installed filemin but is not working for me.

I normally login with a privileged account other than root and Filemin only shows me that users directory.

If I login with root, Filemin doesn't show anything?