Import database from windows server

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#1 Mon, 07/13/2015 - 05:41

Import database from windows server

Not sure if this is covered by documentation but I'm unsure how to go about importing a database to an existing website. The scenario is this. There are numerous Wordpress sites on a windows server that need to be moved to a new Ubuntu server running Virtuamin/Webmin. As a test I have four virtual servers created.

I have proceeded to install Wordpress using the scripts into each vserver, logged in etc and installed. Now this maybe the wrong way to go about this but what I was intending to do was copy over the folder structure from the Windows box, import the database and fingers crossed, the vserver will run happily on the Ubuntu box.

If this is the wrong way to do it a heads up would be appreciated. If it's an ok way to do it the next question is the same as the first, how do I import a MySQL dump into the vserver using the tools in virtualmin?

Many thanks Roger

PS have worked it out. Though tedious it is happening.