asking for update apache and php in centos 6

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#1 Thu, 06/18/2015 - 04:03

asking for update apache and php in centos 6

hello everyone,

when I installed virtualmin my web server version is 2.2.15 php 5.3.x

I'm abit blur with how to upgrade it.

I'm using CENTOS 6.x

thanks for your idea.

Thu, 06/18/2015 - 04:06
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Virtualmin is using last official versions for Centos 6. If you want something else you must update manually but keep in mind it could break your server.

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Thu, 06/18/2015 - 05:00 (Reply to #2)

thanks Diabolico. So it mean that it is stable and secure?

Thu, 06/18/2015 - 10:05


RHEL/CentOS backport bug fixes and security updates into the software versions they ship. That keeps them both stable and secure.


Thu, 06/18/2015 - 23:28

nice thanks you Eric

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