Webmin is not loading pages in Chrome

After 2 - 3 minutes of navigation inside Webmin interface I get in Google Chrome page not found. When it starts first time it is the window content, then left menu (second click).

miniserve.error has a lot of errors inside for some lines. could you please check and get back with an answer?

This is a Debian 7.8 install adding Virtualmin. No other repositories, no other applications or themes installed. Just a basic installation from scratch. It never happened in the past. I installed hundreds of time Virtualmin on Debian and I did not get this issue.

Please note in Firefox it is working as expected.

Because your Forum did not allow attaching even a 1.04Kb file, please get miniserv.error from this location http://www.virtualmin.com/node/36718#comment-147230

Thank you.



I would like to add only Windows versions of Chrome are affected. I checked 41.0.2272.101 m and the new one 41.0.2272.118 m same thing.

I will install in a Windows VM the latest Google Chrome and check what is happening.

If you can check miniserv.error log from above it will be great. Just copy the content and paste it in a new file in SublimeText or Notepad++ to get a clear view.

Howdy -- I responded to your Forum post just now.

I have a suspicion you're seeing some sort of unusual issue or setting with either your desktop or server, or possible something related to the Chrome plugins.

For those who are using AVG 2015 Internet Security use the following steps if you still want to keep Online Shield enable:

1) In AVG user interface click right-top [Options]. Then select Advanced Settings...

2) Go to [+] Web Browsing Protect -> [+] Online Shield -> Expert Settings

3) Disable "Scan encrypted (TLS and SSL) network traffic" option

Please note this is related only to Chrome. If you are using Firefox, Opera or Internet Explorer 11 you will not encounter this issue.