In which perl framework is webmin written into?

In which perl framework is webmin written into?



None - it is old enough that it uses its own framework.

Do you mean it uses the latest perl 5 version or an older version of perl?

Webmin and Virtualmin use Perl 5.

However, since the project was begun so long ago, it predates most of the Perl frameworks out there. That's why it doesn't use a particular framework.

Well, as long as it uses the very latest perl 5 this is all tha matters, thanks for the info.

Webmin and Virtualmin can run on the most recent Perl 5 version, but they don't need to.

The code doesn't use features only available in the latest Perl 5 version, as that would restrict Webmin and Virtualmin to Linux distributions shipping that latest Perl version.

Webmin and Virtualmin is written in Perl 5 syntax that would work on a wide variety of Perl 5 versions.

If you're looking for a developer to help you in modifying Webmin or Virtualmin, anyone proficient with Perl 5 in general should be able to assist you. It doesn't need to be the most recent version.