question regards to sub-directory site

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#1 Wed, 03/04/2015 - 06:21

question regards to sub-directory site


I have question regards to sub-directory. scenario is lets say I have I wants to have different sites to run under | ..etc. ( I don't wants to use sub domains because sub sites SEO won't inherited to main domain. )

I know when you create server for file location would be /home/wordpress/public_html. so main site code files would be at /home/wordpress/public_html/* then when I create sub site it be like /home/wordpress/public_html/uk/* or /home/wordpress/public_html/au/*

1) Is it possible to have ? /home/wordpress/public_html /home/wordpress/xxx/public_html

2) or at-least? /home/wordpress/public_html/main /home/wordpress/public_html/xxx

I #2 think this could be archived via virtual host, can anybody please help me with solution.

Thank you in advance.