Webmin is not available.

One one of our virtualized servers Webmin is not available through browser at all. Logging through SSH and starting up VPS machines gives the following error:

cloudmin startup-system --host cyberworks.host.site.tld
Starting up KVM system cyberworks.host.site.tld ..
.. startup successfull

Refreshing status of cyberworks.host.site.tld ..
Error: wait_for error : timeout

File: ../web-lib-funcs.pl Line: 1546 Function: WebminCore::error
File: server-manager-lib-funcs.pl Line: 1293 Function: WebminCore::wait_for
File: server-manager-lib-funcs.pl Line: 1284 Function: (eval)
File: server-manager-lib-funcs.pl Line: 1419 Function: server_manager::run_ssh_command
File: server-manager-lib-funcs.pl Line: 3825 Function: server_manager::execute_command_on_server
File: /usr/libexec/webmin/server-manager/startup-system.pl Line: 127 Function: server_manager::check_server_status

Restarting webmin doesn't help, UI is simple not loading:

service webmin restart
Stopping Webmin server in /usr/libexec/webmin
Starting Webmin server in /usr/libexec/webmin
Pre-loaded server-manager/server-manager-lib-funcs.pl in server_manager
Pre-loaded WebminCore

showing "This webpage is not available". Port 10000 and all other necessary ports are open.

This server was rock-solid Webmin/Cloudmin server, working fine and this started to happen only today. Maybe last update?

Closed (fixed)


Is there perhaps a firewall blocking port 10000 or ports from 10000 to 10010 ?