[ SOLVED ] Issue with PostFix and VirtualMin

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#1 Fri, 02/13/2015 - 07:04

[ SOLVED ] Issue with PostFix and VirtualMin

Hi !

Today i removed the PostFix module because we wan't use it anymore, but when i restarted the server i view this ( image link below this ), so now i can't manage my web-hostings.

Any ideas to solve this ?

[ Image link ]
URL: http://imgur.com/6EW6hTn

[ About server ]
Ubuntu 12.04.3
Linux 3.2.0-76-generic on x86_64
2 Cores ( Virtualized, original Xeon 3.6Ghz, 2013 version )

[ About WebMin ]
Webmin Version 1.730

[ About VirtualMin ]
VirtualMin Version 4.14 GPL

Fri, 02/13/2015 - 08:59


Virtualmin relies on the Postfix module, removing that would unfortunately cause problems.

However, if you're not using email, you could always disable the "Mail for Domain" feature in System Settings -> Features and Plugins.

My suggestion would be to reinstall the Postfix module, and then disable the features you don't need using the Features and Plugins section.


Mon, 02/16/2015 - 04:36

Thanks for your fast reply, Eric. Was very helpful.

I finally solved doing this steps.

  1. Download WebMin PostFix package from Standart Packages website and decompress it.
  2. As root, execute this command "/usr/share/webmin/install-module.pl postfix.wbm /etc/webmin" ( In my case i needed to install form aptitude "sendmail-bin" too, manually )
  3. Restart webmin ( service webmin restart )

I've read on forums that reinstalling Postfix packages it would be enough, but nobody says it have to be the webmin packages... i tried to reinstall postfix module from aptitude ( apt-get install postfix postfix-pcre ) with negative results, webmin was unable to detect the installed package in any case.

But, hey, i want to uninstall al postifx services... no problem !

  1. WebMin -> WebMin Configuration -> WebMin Modules -> Delete -> Delete "PostFix Configuration" AND Delete "Virtualmin Mailman"

  2. Webmin-> System -> Software Packages -> Uninstall "PostFix"

Then, to avoid problems, i change default Mail server to "SendMail" VirtualMin -> System Settings -> Virtualmin Configuration -> Server Settings -> Mail server to configure = SendMail.

Save, restart all server, and working again all system without PostFix.

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