Amazon S3 Backup failing for unknown reason.

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#1 Thu, 01/29/2015 - 05:30

Amazon S3 Backup failing for unknown reason.

OS: Cent OS 6.5 x64

Webmin version: 1.730

Virtualmin version: 4.13.gpl GPL

Here is the backup log

Copying virtual server configuration ..
.. done
Backing up Cron jobs ..
.. none defined.

Copying records in DNS domain ..
.. done

Saving mail aliases ..
.. done

Saving mail and FTP users ..
.. done

Backing up mail and FTP user Cron jobs ..
.. none to backup

Copying Apache virtual host configuration ..
.. no Apache virtual host found!

Copying SSL Apache virtual host configuration and certificate ..
.. done

Copying Logrotate configuration ..
.. done

Dumping MySQL database thelogicalindian ..
.. done

Backing up Webmin ACL files ..
.. done

Creating TAR file of home directory ..
.. done

.. completed in 47 seconds
0 servers backed up successfully, 1 had errors.

The backup log mentions the Final backup size is 0 bytes

Normal file system backups work correctly... I have tried to put a file on to the S3 Bucket via the s3curl script and it works...

Is there any place where I can find more detailed errors?

Thu, 01/29/2015 - 10:29


How many domains do you have on your server? Is it just one, or is it several? It looks like the issue is just with this particular domain -- Virtualmin can't find the Apache config for it, and it's throwing this error:

no Apache virtual host found!

Is the website for this domain working?


Thu, 01/29/2015 - 14:06


Thanks for the reply.

Yes the website is working fine. Even local file system backups are working fine even tho they are giving the same no Apache virtual host found! error.

Few weeks back I had modified the ports to something other than 80 by editing the global Apache config (httpd.conf) because I started using varnish cache.

Does no Apache virtual host found! sound like a parsing bug/error? Its strange because local file-system backup is working but Amazon S3 backup wont work.

If there is any way to debug this, please let me know.

Fri, 01/30/2015 - 07:06

Found a solution. The solution was to change the server's IP from the virtual min settings. Server Configuration > Change IP Settings and changed the port from there.

This fixed the error about no Apache virtual host found! and the S3 Backups worked.

Reference :

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