Remote MySQL as contemplated June 2008

Jamie wrote

You can certainly do this in Virtualmin, although access is generally configured on a per-domain basis.

To set it up for existing domains, do the following :

1) Login as the master admin (root), and go to Webmin -> Servers -> MySQL Database, and click on User Permissions.

2) Click on 'Create a new user', and add an user with the username and password for the domain, but with the hosts set to something like 192.168.0.%

3) Go back to the main page of the MySQL module, and click on Database Permissions.

4) Click on 'Create new database permissions', and add a record for the domain's database and user, with all permissions selected, and with the hosts set to 192.168.0.%

If you want all new domains to get acesss from 192.168.0.% by default, go to System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default Settings -> MySQL Database, and fill in the 'Allowed MySQL client hosts' field with 192.168.0.%

I admit that this is a fairly complex process, which is why I plan to add a more user-friendly single-page form for managing MySQL remote hosts to in the next Virtualmin release."

I am not seeing this in vmin 3.64, for some reason.

There is a that has been posted, but it sounded like the intent was that this should be doable from within Vmin.

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