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#1 Wed, 12/03/2014 - 10:39

VPS with two virtual hosts - DNS

Hi, I have just purchased a VPS for the first time and it comes with Virtualmin/Webmin preinstalled.

My goal: to serve two independent websites under www.domain1.com and www.domain2.com from my VPS with a single IP address.

My current domains:

1.- www.domain1.com has already been configured by my registar to point to my VPS. They have changed the nameservers to ns1.domain1.com and ns2.domain1.com and they point to the URL of my VPS.

2.- www.domain2.com will point to the VPS in a second stage, once I learn how all this works.

Using Virtualmin, I have created a new virtual host, and I have been trying to configure it, but the best I have achieved is to show the default host instead of the public_html folder corresponding to the virtual host domain1.com

I mean, www.domain1.com is showing /path_to_default_server/index.html instead of /path_to_virtual_host_1/index.html

Therefore, my questions are:

1.- How to configure the VPS / virtual host domain1.com, so that www.domain1.com shows the website instead of the default host.

2.- And particularly, I want to know if I need to configure a DNS zone or something like this, that my tech support is telling me but they won't assist me any further. And I don't have any idea of this no matter how much I have googled it.

Thank you very much!

Sun, 12/07/2014 - 16:44
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So, there's a few possibilities here.

Have you read the section of the troubleshooting documentation entitled "The Wrong Website Shows Up"? http://virtualmin.com/documentation/web/troubleshooting

After running through those options, if the problem persists, we'd need to dig into the logs (access_log and error_log for the virtual servers, and in the Apache root log directory).


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Tue, 12/09/2014 - 15:31
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If you'd like to some hands on assistance I can offer you some over a TeamViewer session so you can learn while we troubleshoot things. I've helped dozens of Virtualmin users, and am always happy to chip in some time. Drop me a line on Skype if you want to chat about your needs in greater detail, and/or setup some time to get you all fixed up :-)

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