RFE: Searching Bug Tracker

Now that the Bug Tracker database is growing, it is becoming more difficult to locate and refer to bugs and RFEs that have already been reported. Ideally, it needs to have searching functionality added in order to query the database and to prevent duplicate entries.

Unfortunately, it seems that the bug tracker on OpenACS.org does not support searching internally. However, entries in the bug tracker do seem to show up in a Google search. So, it might be a good interim solution to put a customized Google search box on the Virtualmin bug tracker to make this more convenient.

Note: Martin Mewes touched on this issue in Bug #16. Also, he brought up a related issue in Bug #15 regarding normal users being able to post comments on other bugs which they did not submit. Has any progress been made on this issue? I noticed Joe's post in the OpenACS forums, but this all happened back in July, so I figured it might be time to ping them again for a resolution.

Closed (fixed)