Email being forwarded to root / not being redirected

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#1 Fri, 11/07/2014 - 22:48

Email being forwarded to root / not being redirected

Hi there,

I have installed VirtualMin and then transferred to it a number of cPanel websites. These cPanels had email accounts and alias emails.

I can see in my VirtuamMin that all of the email accounts are listed including the aliases. For example, help@domain.ext gets redirected to my gmail account.

So I am sending test emails to see if it works and so far I have not luck with emails not being redirected. They are basically lost.

In addition, when I do send an email to an account that has a mailbox, it just gets forwarded to the root. For example, info@domain.ext has a mail box but the msg does not go there, just into the root mail box.

So everything worked fine with cPanel, and I had hoped that email functionality would just transfer over, but no luck for me.

Any ideas about why this is not working?