"Character set for HTML pages" custom variable into html source

hi, Webmin -> Webmin Configuration -> Language

even if i put utf-8 inside "Character set for HTML pages" it doesn't force the encoding

no variable inside the html source

chrome automatically selects iso 8859-1 ... you should make a variable that reads that value and puts it into the html source e.g.

1) NO custom variable -> nothing

2) custom variable -> <meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=$variable" />

so it automatically reads my utf-8 translations and depending on the user browser language automatically selects the proper utf-8 language without issues... with any kind of character (accents, special chars etc. ) easily




Which language do you have selected on that Webmin Configuration -> Language page? It may be conflicting with the character set override.

Actually, if you want to use UTF-8, you can just select a language that uses the UTF-8 encoding.