file manager still doesn't work

I understood this was fixed in subsequent updates since reported several months ago ...

it still doesn't work on any of my (3) linux servers fedora & debian

I'm on OS X with a chrome browser - but safari & firefox don't work as well ... there's nothing I can adjust that works as far as java security is concerned -

the problem seems to be oracle java 7 related .... + the fact the chrome browser is 32 bit - apple doesn't support oracle java 7 and it causes problems on OS X from what I've understood ... I have apples latest version of java installed

seems like Oracle is pissing on apple & chrome

this is very frustrating - I suppose there's not a lot of users on OS X using webmin



When you say it doesn't work, what error do you get exactly?

I use the file manager myself from an OSX laptop, and it works fine.