[SOLVED] quota problem

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#1 Sat, 06/28/2014 - 14:31

[SOLVED] quota problem

hi Folks,

im running a Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Server with virtualmin.
I set up quota for my virtual server an users, it works.

Then i created a user for every-day-work, not member of any server group.
I didn't set any quota for this user.

arpo@hetzner:~$ quota
Disk quotas for user arpo (uid 1000): none

But if I try to create a new folder:
arpo@hetzner:~$ mkdir bla
mkdir: cannot create directory `bla': Disk quota exceeded

It i stop quota with "service quota stop" i can create files!

I ran a check of the quota and restartet the server, but the problem is still the same!

Problem is solved!
Quota for user arpo was 0 and ok, but the quota for group arpo was full!