Install a proxy on a Virtualmin server

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#1 Mon, 05/19/2014 - 11:25
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Install a proxy on a Virtualmin server

Hello everybody...

I have a small issue.... Please let me explain. Currently I have a small server with virtualmin (with debian 6.5) with 3 domains running. I opened 3 ports in the router (80, 22 and 10000) now the domains are available from the internet. Now I have setup a new box with CentOS (latest stable build) . Now the situation is as followed: on IP i have the localserver A on IP I have the new localserver B AS I can only map 1 time the port 80, 22 and 10000 to 1 ip, in my case to LocalServer A with IP i would like to send the traffic to resolve a new domain on localserver B on IP Now in localserver A I have plugged in a new network card and connected this server with a cable to my new localserver B with IP

My question is the following: How can I send the traffic from localserver A to localserver B so it can locate and resolve a new domain created on localserver B? For this I have to setup a proxy in localserver A. Is this corect? If so, is there a guide explaining as how I ho about to setup the proxy so that over Internet i can locate the domain created on localserver B (for instance

I DO hope I was clear in my example.. Can anybody help me out with this? Hoping to hear from anybody. Many thanks in advance for all your time and patience.. Regards, Paco

Ps. Could the squid proxy be a good solution for this problem?