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rogue backup

Hi Guys

I have database backups setup for all of my servers from Webmin> Servers> MySQL Database Server> then select the individual database and setup a scheduled backup. That all works well.

The other day I had to delete a server that had this type of backup in place and since then I have been receiving the following email.

Backing up 1 MySQL databases on ..

Backing up mydatabasename to /2000g/mysql/mydatabasename/mydatabasename.sql ..
.. backup failed : mysqldump: Got error: 1049: Unknown database 'mydatabasename' when selecting the database

Filesystem size : 1.79 TBĀ  Free space : 1.57 TB

I suspect that the backup information was not deleted at the time the server was and now I have a rogue backup attempting to run. Can you please assist with where to find the backup instruction file so I can see if the mydatabasename instructions are still there and remove them.

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I'm not familiar with using the backups from that particular screen... however, I'm sure it just sets up a config file under /etc/webmin containing the databases to backup.

You may just need to run a grep through the config files within that dir and it's subdirs, searching for the database name that it's looking for.

You can then edit the config file containing that name, and remove that database name.


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