mod_pagespeed messing with roundcube

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#1 Sat, 03/22/2014 - 19:39

mod_pagespeed messing with roundcube

Hi, I have been using Virtualmin/Webmin for some weeks now and I find it to be the perfect CPanel alternative.

Yesterday I have installed mod_pagespeed and noticed the difference right away with sites loading faster, there is an issue though with roundcube.

When I login to roundcube, no matter what virtualhost, the messages simply didn`t show and the interface itself was irresponsive.

I then turned mood_pagespeed OFF and the issue was solved.

I also notice that with mood_pagespeed ON and accessing roundcube via https everything was normal.

I have then made a redirect from http to https for rouncube page so that I can still use mood_pagespeed.

I wonder if anyone knows if there is a setting on mood_pagespeed or even httpd that solves this issue.