When upgrading to 5.5, server stopped executing php

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#1 Sat, 11/30/2013 - 06:57

When upgrading to 5.5, server stopped executing php

I am using http://iuscommunity.org/ php & mysql packages. I was using php 5.4.x and wanted to upgrade to php 5.5.x but when i upgrade, server stopped executing php and shows php source code.

Any suggestion to fix this?

My php5.4 installed packages:

Installed Packages
php54.x86_64 5.4.21-2.ius.el6 @ius
php54-cli.x86_64 5.4.21-2.ius.el6 @ius
php54-common.x86_64 5.4.21-2.ius.el6 @ius
php54-gd.x86_64 5.4.21-2.ius.el6 @ius
php54-imap.x86_64 5.4.21-2.ius.el6 @ius
php54-mbstring.x86_64 5.4.21-2.ius.el6 @ius
php54-mcrypt.x86_64 5.4.21-2.ius.el6 @ius
php54-mysql.x86_64 5.4.21-2.ius.el6 @ius
php54-odbc.x86_64 5.4.21-2.ius.el6 @ius
php54-pdo.x86_64 5.4.21-2.ius.el6 @ius
php54-pear.noarch 1:1.9.4-2.ius.el6 @ius
php54-pecl-apc.x86_64 3.1.13-2.ius.el6 @ius
php54-pecl-imagick.x86_64 3.1.2-1.ius.el6 @ius
php54-pecl-memcache.x86_64 3.0.8-1.ius.el6 @ius
php54-pgsql.x86_64 5.4.21-2.ius.el6 @ius
php54-snmp.x86_64 5.4.21-2.ius.el6 @ius
php54-soap.x86_64 5.4.21-2.ius.el6 @ius
php54-tidy.x86_64 5.4.21-2.ius.el6 @ius
php54-xml.x86_64 5.4.21-2.ius.el6 @ius
php54-xmlrpc.x86_64 5.4.21-2.ius.el6 @ius

Mon, 12/02/2013 - 09:48


Yeah, unfortunately using PHP from a non-default repository can indeed cause some problems.

There's some documentation on the subject, including some possible fixes, in the article here titled "Why does PHP / ProFTPd no longer work after performing updates? (I'm using CentOS, and enabled third party repositories)":


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