Answered: Configuring virtual server to work with Outlook

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#1 Mon, 11/04/2013 - 10:25

Answered: Configuring virtual server to work with Outlook

This message is probably the first of three related to this subject.

I have built a simple virtualmin system ( that has one virtual server (myvps). Note: I plan to use my domain registrar for managing DNS records, but I have not yet pointed them to the new server.

On the virtual server, the default user name is name username.domain. Thus, the username is user.myvps. From webmin->System->users and groups, I changed the username to I successfully installed and tested horde - was able to log in as a user and send an email (thus suggesting that the username and password are known and correct).

This morning, I tried to configure Outlook to access the new server. The POP3 connection worked fine, but I could not connect to the SMTP server. I tried both user.myvps and, but both times the login credentials were not accepted.

I saw one post where someone recommended, ""Dovecot" -> "Edit Config FIle": Uncomment the line "#disable_plaintext_auth = no". This is not exactly related, but I did look at webmin->servers->Postfix->SMTP Authentication And Encryption and saw that the box 'Reject plain-text logins' was unchecked.

Can you please suggest what I might do to resolve this problem?

Thank you.

Mon, 11/04/2013 - 16:58


Whenever Virtualmin creates a username -- you wouldn't want to change that username, that could cause problems like what you're seeing.

If you want to change the username format Virtualmin uses, you can do that in System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default -> Mail for Domain, and there you can set "Format for usernames that include domain".

My suggestion would be to tweak that setting as desired, and then to re-create the username.


Mon, 11/04/2013 - 18:14


Thanks for the reply! I did as you suggested - took a minute to find the alias that had to be deleted and the /home directory that needed to be removed...

However, this did not resolve the problem. I created a second user account, in case I had done something wrong or if there was something left in a cache, but the problem was exactly the same: Send test e-mail message: Your e-mail server rejected your login. Verify your user name and password for this account in Account Settings.

What would you suggest I try next?

Mon, 11/04/2013 - 20:29


You post was a critical first step in solving this problem.

Did some reading - figured that I should look at the mail log. This led me to find 'SASL LOGIN authentication failed' which led me to this forum posting: which has the answer.

p.s. Along the way, I enabled SSL authentication, which were the next two steps. Maybe no follow-up posts are needed...

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