Adding SPF Record

I am new and formally a cpanel user only. I need to add an spf record to my main email sending domain.

Can someone point me to that?



Howdy -- I believe SPF records are added by default, but you can verify that a domain has SPF enabled by looking in Server Configuration -> DNS Options.

Looks like only one domain had this and not th one i need which is

googling now LOL

Looks like i found it :)

If it's not enabled, you should be able to enable SPF on that same screen. Assuming your Virtualmin box is also your DNS server

If your Virtualmin server isn't your DNS server, and DNS is managed elsewhere -- you'd need to manually add those SPF records into your DNS server.

Hi everybods, sorry for the old subject but i would know what's an exemple manually spf record for a domain using virtualmin but not as a dns server?

Mails aren't sent to hotmail mailboxes because there's no spf record for this domain. I manage my servers still a long time and it works but since a couple of days, i get this error on hotmail.

thank you for any response/help/solution/link


Hi jul6art -- you can definitely get a hand with that, but you'd want to start up a new thread in the Forums to discuss it. We monitor the Forums, along with logs of wonderful folks in the community. Thanks!