MySQL Server Configuration , crashes the server

i changed the Key buffer size and saved it and then restarted the mysql server .

My.cnf was updated and the valse was saved as 'set-variable=key_buffer=2G'

The correct value should have been 'key_buffer= 2G



Which MySQL version are you running there (as shown on the main page of the MySQL module in Virtualmin) ?

HI ,

I am having MySQL version 5.5.27 .

Thanks Amit Ashok

The mysql server fails to start and the error log complaints that set variable is an unknow variable , i do not have the exact message with me. the problem is fully replica table and many people have discussed it over the net .

I was able to start my server after removing the set variable text from my.cnf.

Thanks Amit Ashok

I would be very interested to see the exact error message, as this doesn't happen on our test systems.

Also, exactly which Linux distribution and version are you running there?