Virtualmin susexec directory - make it optional

Dear guys, could you please tell me why are you using /home for suexec in Apache, by making own distribution?

What is the reason behind this? You could simply mount your /home partition to /var/www and would be able to use any Apache RPM distribution on the network? I can rebuild Apache's suexec myself and most folks will be tied to your version of Apache, besides it's additional work for you? Why are you doing this?

My suggestion to make a switch, like an option in Webmin/Virtualmin, so it would also work with /var/www without giving any warnings on Re-Check Configuration. Which will make your already beautiful system more flexible?



You can switch Virtualmin to using /var/www if you like, as long as that filesystem has enough disk space. We chose /home because on most systems new users are created under that directory, rather than /var/www.

To make this change, go to System Settings -> Virtualmin Configuration -> Defaults for new domains, and change the "Home directory base" field.