virtualmin migration hints

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#1 Sat, 05/18/2013 - 13:52

virtualmin migration hints

hello all - i had quite a time of it migrating my virtualmin-server.

here is a suggestion on what to do LONG BEFORE you actually need to migrate - use virtualbox to run a test-server of your new environment. i have not tried this using vmware (yet).

1) on your current server, get your virtualmin migration file:

virtualmin backup-domain   [--test]                              \
           --dest /tmp/virtualmin/myMigrationFile.tgz        \
            --all-domains                                                 \
            --all-features      --except-feature dir            \
            --all-virtualmin                                               ;

2) download your favorite linux distro ISO-file (ISO files are more entertaining for some reason)

3) download

4) create a virtual-machine of your linux from step two.

5) yum --assumeyes update ; ## or whatever update tool your linux uses

note: you may need ftp as well !

6) install webmin and virtualmin:

##install webmin:
mkdir   ~/webmin  &&  cd  ~/webmin ;
wget  ;
gzip -d  webmin*  &&   tar -xvf  webmin*  &&  cd  webmin* ;
./ ;
##install virtualmin:
curl   > ;
 chmod 755   ./  ;
./  ;  ## this step took a LONG LONG LONG time !  possibly over several hours, believe it or not

7) copy files over (ftp?) from first step to your new server

8) import your virtual-server from the first step:

virtualmin  restore-domain  [--test]                           \
       --source /tmp/virtualmin/myMigrationFile.tgz     \
          --all-virtualmin                                              \
          --all-features                                                \
          --all-domains                                                ;

9) have a look in /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf to make sure all the VS's are there.

and a special thanks to eric andreychek for his extraordinary patience.