"Repositories" are showing under Servers after magic mouse clicks

Just found funny bug! :)

Goto Webmin.

Then click on Servers Tab. Make sure you only see Virtualmin Subversion!

Then click on System Tab. And there you go, now out of the blue Repositories appearing, right under Virtualmin Subversion. They linked to the same dir: webmin/virtualmin-svn/

Please fix!! :D



Were you logged in as root when this happened, or a domain owner account?

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Submitted by Ilia on Mon, 05/20/2013 - 14:38

I'm logged in as root! Try it your self and you should see the same? Are you?

I'm not seeing this. Could you attach a screenshot to this bug?

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Submitted by Ilia on Tue, 05/21/2013 - 03:08

No unfortunately, I deleted unused modules! You would need a video for that! :)

Try to login as root and click, like I said Servers Tab, find Virtualmin Subversion in the list, then click System Tab go back and find Virtualmin Subversion and right underneath find Repositories appearing!

Respectfully, Ilia