Adding or editing a monitor bug

When adding or editing a System and Server Status monitor and a server is currently down while doing this you get a error that it couldn't connect to the server.

It really should not be checking any service stats until it has saved the monitoring type.

I was editing my "Alive System" monitoring and got this error.

Failed to save monitor : Failed to connect to : Failed to connect to : Connection timed out
Call Stack Trace
File Line Function
/usr/libexec/webmin/ 4246 status::error
/usr/libexec/webmin/ 4065 status::remote_rpc_call
/usr/libexec/webmin/status/save_mon.cgi 40 status::remote_foreign_check
/usr/libexec/webmin/status/save_mon.cgi 40 (eval)
(eval 83) 6 (eval)
/usr/libexec/webmin/ 2105 (eval)
/usr/libexec/webmin/ 733 miniserv::handle_request

Closed (fixed)