Virtualmin Domain Registration module

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#1 Sat, 04/06/2013 - 22:58

Virtualmin Domain Registration module

In process of attempting to test out this module, I have notice that the the option to use is kind of goofy. When you select the registrar from the drop-down list, click 'start adding' and click 'new partner account page' from the instructions below, it brings you to the partner site where you sign up, however there is a problem with this all.

When you fill out the forms on the partner site you are to sign up with, there is no response/followup e-mail with information that is supposed to be sent to you. I then started exploring this partner website more and discovered that almost all the links to the partner side are broken/dead.

Partner website:

Now when you do find a one and only working link at the above site (the FAQ link) it takes you to the support page on a different looking website, but when you visit other links form that page too they're either broken/dead/or load a completely different looking website page labeled as global partnership group. I dunno it seems kind of messed up to me. Maybe it's not all goofed up I dunno.

Also I can't make contact with anyone so I can only wonder if it's being maintained or anything anymore. I looked into the Ghandi registrar setup and the URL that is supposed to take us to the signup reseller page is a 404 error. The URL is outdated and should be changed to

EDIT: Is it possible also to have a domain checker added for the existing registrars? I checked out the Domain Name Checker v1 module, but it doesn't load properly with the header error. It would be nice to have a feature for clients to check domains via the Virtualmin Domain Registration module before account creation so they know what domains are available.