I would like to know how to put login information about webmin and usermin no to defaul /var/log/secure but to a separate file, such as /var/log/webmin.log?

Now I have in my /var/log/secure the following information:

AprĀ  4 15:08:18 host webmin[8987]: Invalid login as root from
AprĀ  4 13:39:30 host webmin[128785]: Non-existent login as lola from

Just need to put them + Usermin such information into separate log file, how do I do it?

Thanks, Ilia

P.S. Please edit the this ticket subject and change it to Webmin/Usermin alternative logging



I don't think that is possible - webmin doesn't write to that file directly, but instead logs via syslog which uses a facility and level for each message to select which file to write to. All webmin log messages use the "auth" channel, but so do authentication-related messages from most other servers..