serveralias without dns zone? --moved from virualmin forum

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#1 Tue, 03/12/2013 - 16:01

serveralias without dns zone? --moved from virualmin forum

Hi all,

On my server virtualmin is set up to automatically create a subdomain alias for new domains, so they are reachable immediately. The subdomain is created under . So i added a new virtual server, and it automatically creates the in the apache config. Normally this works like a charm. This time though, the DNS zone is managed elsewhere, and the A records are changed to point to my servers ip address. So while creating the domain, a dns zone is not created. Normally the subdomain works perfectly, see e.g. . So the only thing i did differently this time is not create a DNS zone. Would this be necessary for the ServerAlias to work?

this is my .conf file on pastie

--- just tried the url again and now it does resolve. In the mean time i have added a DNS zone and removed it again as well. Shouldnt the serveralias be instantly reachable because the resolves properly? Im a bit at a loss here. Thanks for your input!



Thu, 03/14/2013 - 10:47

Ok so further digging has not really answered my question either. The thing i dont get is, if the ServerAlias is supposed to work immediately, it would have to be referenced to by the already existing zone of the main domain(under which the subdomain alias is created). But i have found no trace of any subdomain in the zone file (or the .conf apache file) for the main domain. The only thing i see being changed is a master zone file for the subdomain is added, and the ServerAlias is added to the domain.conf . If these are the only changes, then the whole "subdomain until your domain name resolves" would need a dns update just the same right? So what would be the advantage of doing so? Anybody?


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