How to add mezzanine to my Django server?

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#1 Mon, 02/18/2013 - 10:24

How to add mezzanine to my Django server?

I want to have a mezzanine CMS installation on a virtual server.

I can probably do it either by: 1) install mezzanine, and then connect it to virtualmin, or 2) install django via virtualmin, and then append mezzanine.

Out of the blue, the 2nd method seems easier to me, since I know too little about both connecting apache to python.

So on that specific virtual-server, I've installed Django via the install script and i've looked here:

but that post assumes i know how to install django (i don't). I still don't really know in which directories to put which files, and how to wrap-up the whole thing.

so i'm stuck:

I know it's not the forum for that, but this is a virtual-min customed Django install, so maybe someone knows specifically how to connect mezzanine to django?

(BTW i'm new to Django, but i know python).