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#1 Fri, 02/15/2013 - 10:29

DNS client question


Not sure if this is a Webmin or Virtualmin question.

I have a Debian VPS running Webmin/Virtualmin, everything up to date. On that VPS something like 20 virtual hosts running smoothly (so far :-).

My upstream host does the DNS for me and so I stopped using Bind on my VPS, it's off. Why ? because it feels safer for me, I'm maybe a little paranoid.

I have miscellaneous CMS's on this VPS and I suddenly have a request from a client to get on his website a remote XML stream ... and I am unable to get it, the CMS just telling me it is unable to get the stream ... I try updating that CMS and its plugin, and same problem, plugins that should update almost automatically give me errors, unable to reach the repository etc ... Of course I test the same functionnalities on the same CMS but elsewhere (another host), and it works. The XML stream also works when added elsewhere. I then try the same functionnalities on the same CMS and same server, but different virtualhost ... does not work. Ok so it's a server problem.

I then try ssh into the VPS, and then wget my stream, and bingo, I get an error about not being able to resolve the stream hostname.

I guess that having stopped Bind, I don't have name resolution on the server ... but virtualhosts using my upstream provider are ok for people coming TO the server. Requests coming FROM the server cannot work ..

Is my diagnostic ok ? and of course, any idea how I could apply a solution ? without Bind ? I was looking into the Webmin->Network->DNS client that does look like an option, but not sure how to use that: I have a "Ordre de résolution" (I guess "resolving priority") starting with Hosts and then DNS and my DNS server just says (localhost). Should I just insert here my upstream provider DNS servers ? should I use IP or hostname ?

Thks in advance !


Fri, 02/15/2013 - 15:10
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To have a server side script retrieve information from another domain, you need to ensure that inside the "/etc/resolv.conf" file you have specified at least once "recursive" DNS address.

We use the Google Resolver addresses because they're fast, reliable and are designed for this purposes. Best of all, they're FREE to use :-)

Inside your "/etc/resolv.conf" file add:

This will allow domains to be resolve on the server, and still satisfy Virtualmin when it looks for the localhost IP address.

Let us know if there's anything else you need, or if you run into any problems!

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Fri, 02/15/2013 - 15:38

Ok thanks, it seems that using Webmin->Network->DNS client leads to the same result, my resolv.conf has been updated. I used my upstream DNS servers, I knew about Google DNS servers .. but I'm not that happy about using their DNS's ...I feel like they start knowing way too much about all of us :-)



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