[DNS WRITE ERRORS] No support for long TXT records in EDITOR and DKIM

Cannot edit TXT records > 255 characters (shows wrong data, writes wrong data).

Long records are ones that will be truncated by the UDP response and requires a client to connect and retrieve the rest of the record.

In BIND, such records are defined as ("chunk1" "chunk2")

Webmin's DNS module writes them out as "thewholething" which means that BIND refuses to boot after that due to syntax errors.

This problem extends to the DKIM module too, which defaults to 2048 bit keys and stores them as one, long "quoted line", which of breaks BIND.

The fix requires something like this - haven't tested this regex (\s("[^"]+"\s)+\s*) Then take all "string1" "string2" pairs and merge them into one string. Voila, your GUI would then understand how to display multipart TXT records.

As for writing, that's the easy part. Just chunk it so that no single chunk is over 255 characters.

Closed (fixed)


I'm tacking on another case of this error - adding DKIM kills the DNS zones with DKIM TXT records until they're removed as the lines are too long.

Virtualmin 3.98 (10 VS license) on Ubuntu Server 12.04.01

The DKIM issue will be fixed in Virtualmin 3.99 (due out in a day or two), by splitting long TXT lines for DKIM keys into multiple parts.

I just buyed a new virtualmin licence and preparing to install it. u sure it won't be delayed? I kind of wanna wait for the 3.99 release.

Virtualmin 3.99 will be out soon!

But we unfortunately don't have a specific time, and we're not able to predict if something might delay it.

If you're in a hurry to get Virtualmin installed, my suggestion would be to install Virtualmin 3.98, don't enable the DKIM support -- and then once 3.99 is available, enable DKIM.

It's fairly easy to work around the issue by either modifying the bind zone files or recreating 1024 bit keys, but appreciate the fix to support 2048 bit keys in 3.99! :)

Webmin 1.630 will support editing of long TXT records properly, by splitting them up.


Do you have a better idea yet on the release date for Virtualmin 3.99? We've had to disable DKIM for the reasons mentioned above when we changed our encryption to 2048 and it killed DNS.


Edit: I just noticed on webmin.com that Virtualmin 3.99 was release a few days ago. I guess the question should be when do you think 3.99 will make it to the VM repositories?

It should be in the Virtualmin repositories already. If not, which Linux distribution are you running?

You are correct, it's there. After installing the new features do not mention anything about DKIM and DNS. It is patched in 3.99, right?

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.