Odd issue with webmin module

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#1 Wed, 01/23/2013 - 15:01

Odd issue with webmin module

I have an icecast server running on one of my vps's for a client the module shows up fine in the default theme under which it was originally installed I changed the theme recently to the new one I was working on. The underlying logic for displaying webmin modules has not been modified at all. The default modules which are all of them save this one I installed for this one case purpose because I was tired of managing the thing from the command line. I wrote them a small php management tool in the back-end of their website but it only manages the source client which is fine. I intend to have icecast continue to run constantly. Which it does however sometimes the program crashes or theirs a reboot or something of that nature in which case it doesn't restart because I didn't want to background it since it's a non essential service. Either way so I installed this module which still functions even without the labels but under my new theme it shows this. See the attached for screenshot, should I just export the module and re-install it? Or is their someplace to change the internal variables to static strings as they were.

Should say IceCast Server

and the buttons should read

Apply and

Start or Stop