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#1 Tue, 01/15/2013 - 00:33

Backup -- Email Confirmation


My hostame is and I take a backup of everything every two nights via the virtualmin scheduled backups and send it to S3 (reduced redundancy). When the task is complete it sends me an email.

The email comes from "webmin@mars" which seems kind of strange to me. It also starts off with: "Backup is complete. Final size was xxx.xx MB. Total backup time was 04 minutes, 16 seconds. Sent by Virtualmin at: https://mars:10000"

Why does it says https://mars:10000? That's not even my hostname. I can access the virtualmin panel just fine via https://mars.domain.netand if I run hostname -f it ssh it also returns

I also noticed this hostname issue for usermin login. When I try to go to it gives the Error -Bad Request message because it's not https. However, the message says "Try the URL https://mars:20000/ instead." when it should be saying "Try the URL instead.

I was hoping somebody could help me get to the bottom of this.


Tue, 01/15/2013 - 09:03


For Virtualmin, you can specify what's used as the URL in emails and redirects by going into System Settings -> Virtualmin Config -> Server Settings, and there you can set "Virtualmin URL for use in email messages".

That wouldn't change Usermin though.

What output do you receive if you just run the command "hostname" (without the "-f")? Is that just mars, or is it


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