upgrade blocked or delayed


I just purchased a renewal for my VirtualMin 10 license. However, just prior to doing that I purchased an upgrade to VirtualMin 50. I upgraded in error. I sent an email to request that the upgrade and the charge for it be cancelled and refunded. However, I am finding that even though I purchased a license renewal, this renewal is not being applied to my license. I'm not sure if I just need to be patient and wait a bit of time for the license to get renewed, or if my initial purchase-in-error has caused a problem.

The upgrade invoice (mistake) is #6734. The correct invoice is #6735.

Thanks for your help.

Closed (fixed)


I have applied your licence renewal. Do you actually want to also upgrade to 50 domains though, or are you happy at 10?

I'm happy with the 10 license, thanks.

Thanks for helping me to correct the situation.

Great -- thanks for renewing!

Ok, I have refunded your 10 -> 50 domain upgrade.

Thanks very much!

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