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#1 Mon, 10/01/2012 - 02:00

Hi community

Hi everyone, im new to the community but I hope to contribute to Webmin/Virtualmin in every possible way, that means writtings plugins, fixing bugs, themes, etc.

I speak several languages and I work exclusively in the hosting industry for the past 15 years so I have some experience dealing with servers and control panels.

The main reason im attracted to the software is of course because its open but the main benefit is that it really is very clean without messing any standard packages or Linux systems as opposed to similar software, so for those that what still want to have 100% binary compability and still use their shell command webmin does not get in the way.

Im mainly a RHEL/CentOS guys because I tend to to learn anything new very fast.

Count me in to push the software to even more management levels in particular for clustering and security. See you soon !!!