Which should be the more elastic installation situation if tecnical future is not clear ?

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#1 Fri, 08/31/2012 - 08:57

Which should be the more elastic installation situation if tecnical future is not clear ?

Hello to all forum. I am not sure to well understood what tecnically could be my best choice , and I 'd like ,if possible, to exchange and compare some point of view. My actual situation : I have 3 Linux ( Ubuntu ) in a pure Cloud Structure ( in an big External server farm runned by a Cloud provider , infrastructure Vmware 5x runned by provider). Anyone has his static IP , Name , Resource and so on in a complite separate way. In the future these server could became some more . Let me say 20 ( twenty ) for commercial and internal organization reasons.... It will not be for shared hosting or similar . But could be ( or not ) in the future depending by commercial data. Today every server has a single mission. A dedicated Web Portal . One server , one portal for country . And today must be separate .. OK , today I am handling these server with Webmin , very useful and friendly for me , plus some time ssh command line.

Nbr 1 confusion : should be useful to manage these server ( these virtual server ) by Cloudmin ? Or because they are already VMware 5x virtual machine use Cloudmin could be dangerous ?

Nbr 2 confusion : despite a server have a separate pubic IP and so on , shluld be impossible / dangerous to create a new virtual server , by Cloudmin , inside the actual VMware 5x virtual server ?

Nbr 3 confusion : today these are single mission server. Could be in the future I have to open in the single server some virtual host . Should be better for the new server to start just from now , to install Webmin plus Virtualmin , also if today are single missione and I am running these server by Webmin ? To avoid to install virtualmin in the future on a big , in production LAMP Server ? And if I install virtualmin on Webmin single server mission , I will go on to manage it by Webmin or should be better to open a " just one master virtual host " and run it by Virtualmin ?

As you can see I am really confused because the commercial future is potentially really brigth ( and this is quite good ) but really unpredictable for tecnical structure , because organization is doimg A and B while is thinking to C and maybe will choose D.

What shlould be the more elastic installation situation for new server to achieve " ready about for anything" also if that cold be a little be more espensive ?

Thanks for any contribute.