Access app via IP address on Virtualmin server

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Access app via IP address on Virtualmin server

Hi! Today I have installed Virtualmin for the first time. I have an specific web application which have to be accessed from the internet via external IP-address, also I want to host my personal website on this server too which DNS settings are also on this IP. For the access to web application i created a Virtual Server from virtualmin frontend and setted default apache config, by hands, that the docroot is same as of the virtualmin configuration ("/home/user/public_html"). This worked! So I tried to setup my website on this server. I created a new virtual server with my domain and everithing was ok before i tried to update my webapp page and i saw that the content of site from my domain is same content as in my webapp. What I did wrong? P.S. : Sorry for my english!))

Tue, 08/28/2012 - 08:21


You can only access one webpage on the server using an IP address -- all other sites on the server would need a domain name of some sort in order to be available.

That is -- since you have one IP address, all sites on your server share that one IP.

Only the default website can be accessed using an IP address.

If you setup your second site to use a domain name, and you're still having this problem, there's a guide here that can assist in troubleshooting that problem:

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