Networking setup issues

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#1 Mon, 07/30/2012 - 12:19

Networking setup issues

Greetings, I've got a Cloudmin install running on what is also my KVM host machine. I'm having a problem setting up networking properly.

The system I'm using only has one IP address assigned to it from my hosting company. Cloudmin seems to have taken this address and incorrectly extrapolated it out to an entire /27 block, with the result that when I go to add a VM, it gets assigned an address that I have no access to.

In the cloudmin documentation, it seems the logical place to correct this would be the "IPv4 Address Pools" under Host Systems -> IP Addresses. However, I do not have this option. I have "IP Addresses in use", "IP ranges in use" and "Common IPv6 Pools".

I do have a secondary block of IP addresses that I'd like to add to this server and make available for use by my VMs. (it's a completely different range than the one the system is actually hosted in).

How do I accomplish this?