Provisionable services?

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#1 Sun, 07/08/2012 - 11:46

Provisionable services?

Hi all,

I'd like to setup a number of servers for hosting of domains. Instead of having every service on every machine, sharing the IPs, I'd like to have a number of specialized machines:

  • A primary DNS server
  • A mysql host
  • nginx with fcgi-based PHP
  • nginx with Ruby support via Passenger
  • Apache for domains specifically needing it

I run Cloudmin on one separate master controller machine and would have Webmin on the mysql/dns ones, Virtualmin on the others. Is there a way to configure this setup in such a way that

  • I can create and manage domains from Cloudmin
  • domains will be using the given dns server
  • Cloudmin will be smart enough to insert and maintain the correct IPs for domain MX and http

Any help is appreciated. Kind regards,