can't enable postgrey at boot

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#1 Fri, 06/22/2012 - 05:22

can't enable postgrey at boot

Hi everyone,

recently i disabled greylisting then when i reenabled it, i got this message: Greylisting is not currently fully enabled on your system. Click this button to have Virtualmin configure it. So i clicked:

Enabling Postgrey at boot time .. .. enabled

Starting Postgrey server .. .. started OK

Configuring Postfix to use Postgrey .. .. already configured

and when i back the message appear again. so i clicked again and then the message appear again Oo

So i've been to "bootup and shutdown" section and i discovered that postgrey whas disabled at boot. So i check the box, click on "start at boot" and when i back on the list ... surprise .... nothing changed! Postgrey stille marked as disabled at boot!

It seem's virtualmin doesn't not recognize the "enabling at boot" status for postgrey

How can i fix it?